2. Focus on Strategy

Trusted, fully independent, adviser for your key IT decisions

including strategy, staffing & sourcing

Provide pragmatic support to set or refresh you IT Strategy & Priorities  

Keep strategy setting simple:
Strategy = From A to B;
Assess A, define B, set steps & delivery accountability to get from A to B
(as per Jeroen van der Veer, former Shell CEO)

  Help create & test business cases for IT investments

   Strengthen business-IT liaison on IT strategy setting

Provide support to set and execute your fully business driven Data Strategy.

Most businesses are very aware that they are under-utilizing their data assets – including ‘all that data out there’. The amount of data is growing exponentially – which may not help to get more value from the data.

There is a tremendous business pull for more timely and accurate information to make decisions, and many analytics and data integration tools and approaches are being offered.

Making the right choices to not drown in your data will be key. 

In more detail, a Data Strategy is about generating business value (or managing business risks) by exploiting your data. The only value of data will be in executing business processes and decision making, including managing business risks and opportunities.

By framing your critical business levers and questions firmly, without pre-supposing you have all the answers, and thus giving a focus on your data insights efforts, you can  let your data lead the way.

My pragmatic approach will ensure that  a fit-for-purpose data strategy will be created in a short timeframe, to enable a quick start in executing the strategy to gain the business value.

Set your Data Strategy to create actionable insights for your Strategic Business Priorities, applying the Value Chain Approach.

An in-company interactive masterclass to set your Data Strategy, in seven pragmatic steps, is readily available. In a half day workshop on your own premises, with your business and IT leaders, we will dialogue how to get to a pragmatic Data Strategy. Also we will already start to work this together – for your company, for your challenges and for your opportunities. This definitely is not a technical workshop, this is a management approach about getting the value from your data. The workshop can be provided as an evening workshop, from 6pm through 10pm, if that helps your availability.

Act as an independent reviewer of your IT Strategy & Plans.

Receive a second opinion from an independent seasoned IT manager, focusing on what you want to achieve.

Reviews can be provided in an agile, iterative way. A first pass review of your plans (whether documented or just available in you heads) can be done in a matter of hours, via an interactive dialogue.

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