3. Focus on Delivery

Measure the success of your IT delivery in business terms. 

Is the full business value gained from your IT expenditure, both on IT investments and IT operating costs, with acceptable risks?

Independent mediator for IT delivery issues with 3rd parties, based on an extensive experience in IT procurement, including agreeing and managing large 3rd party IT contracts.

Are your IT programmes set up for success?

Fully independent expert assessment on opportunities and risks in delivering the planned business outcomes. Are the programs fully focused on the key activities to deliver the business value? Are the programs well aligned with your business strategy and the IT and Data strategies?

 Recommendations can be made to reduce risks and costs. Also options will be provided to accelerate the delivery of the program to capture business value soonest.

Assess all essential elements of an IT project

With my experience of leading and steering many IT programs I have proven to be able to quickly assess the reality of IT programs, looking across all key elements, ranging from business case through staffing (including 3rd party sourcing) and planning, and last but not least governance. In a pragmatic, no-nonsense way, focus can be given on what is needed for actual bottom-line improvement and risk hedging. Not all IT programs are set up for success and an early external assessment, applying the Pareto approach, can be very valuable.

Provide independent (out)sourcing expertise, to assure the planned business outcomes are achieved, for the right costs with the right risks.

Based on an extensive experience in establishing and managing value-add sourcing arrangements, expertise can be provided regarding your current sourcing setup and your strategic sourcing options.

Recommendations on specific sourcing areas can be provided, like:

  • A review of your contracts setup;
  • An assessment of your sourcing readiness (organisation and processes);
  • Exploration of relevant available services and products in the dynamic IT market to support and drive your business.

IT outsourcing coordination and negotiation can be provided, using a Request for Information and a Request for Proposal approach.

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