Strategic Business and IT Management Interventions:
People, Strategy, Delivery and Structure/Process

Focus on the 20% which makes 80% of the difference
in driving business performance

Bring clarity in complexity


The Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from only 20% of the causes.

80 20 IT Management is all about focus, applying Pareto to maximise business value, often enabled by IT and Data.

Brief pragmatic strategic Business and IT Management interventions will get things done where it matters most for you.

I provide effective strategic business and IT management interventions to quickly address opportunities and issues in the People, Strategy, Delivery and Structure/Process domains.

 By bringing clarity in complexity, roadblocks can be adequately removed and business value will be unleashed.

Whether you would like support for setting or executing your business or IT strategy, or value a second opinion for a strategic decision, I can help you with a quick scan to get to the desired business outcomes.

Interventions will be fast and agile, as I can leverage my extensive experience and informed intuition, as well as AI Assistants, in focusing on the critical few.

My experience in setting and delivering Business improvement,  supported by clear IT & Data Strategies, in a very pragmatic way can be to your benefit.  I have successfully driven business performance improvements through IT and Data, both for large international companies as well as for medium-sized and small companies. Only pragmatic do-able strategies and realistic solutions will be proposed.

To deliver with speed, use will also be made of the three leading AI Assistants, Open AI’s ChatGPT-4, Anthropic’s Claude 3 Opus and Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro to quickly analyse your company’s documents and plans, as well as the wider market, and to help make suggestions and prepare plans.

These AI assistants can analyze websites and process long documents like annual reports and business strategies, with up-to-date information discovery. Also ideas can be brainstormed using these tools.

ChatGPT-4, Claude and Gemini are integrated in a streamlined workflow with TypingMind, with embedded AI agents. Perplexity advanced search capability is deployed by these AI assistants for information discovery.

In my engagements with business executives, the focus on generating business value has helped me to fine-tune my capabilities to focus on what matters most. Only by that relentless focus both effectiveness and speed are achieved.

In getting things done, these are my priorities (in that order):
  1) People, 2) Strategy, 3) Delivery and 4) Structure/Process.

My professional consultancy services can be provided in many ways. Each intervention is different and is tailored to your needs. Often brief interventions are provided in a trusted advisor role.

Examples of the services which I offer:

  • Fast-track your Business, IT and Data Strategy;
  • Reset a troubled IT delivery programme for success;
  • Assist in strategic IT decisions, like application platform choices;
  • Coach business and IT leaders to increase business impact;
  • Assist in the hiring of (IT) managers;
  • Train global teams to work across cultures;
  • Perform motivational speaking engagements for business focus;
  • Review your IT Organisation: people, structure, process;
  • Review your IT Sourcing arrangements;
  • Review your overall IT setup; business outcomes versus costs;
  • Execute IT market capability analysis.

I also execute checkpoints for IT, to assess the status and review options, typically in brief engagements.

More information (in Dutch): Checkpoint4IT

In closing: I would like to help your business performance, often with a focus on IT and Data, by supporting you regarding:

People make the difference; well motivated people are materially more important than a great process to make the difference in business performance. Hence my first priority is all about people, ensuring the success of all who can contribute to business outcomes, including current and future business and IT managers.

Improving business performance and reducing business risks is all about making choices. Where are you, where do you want to go, and how do  you want to get there? Who has the action (starting tomorrow) to get there? In setting your strategies, it is just as important to decide what not to do as it is to decide what to do. I would be happy to support your teams in setting your Business, IT and Data strategies.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating – people & plans need to deliver. I can help assess the quality of your delivery, and support you to resolve the most important issues in the delivery, also when working with 3rd parties.

Well motivated people with a clear and simple strategy maximise the likelyhood of delivering real business impact – especially when supported by fit for purpose structures (organisation, governance) and processes. I can help you to assess and improve these for your organisation and ecision processes, also when the focus is on IT and Data as an enabler.

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Berenschot' Interim Management Consultant.

4Synergy Linked Partner: Making the difference in business performance through IT Management Interventions. Applying a pragmatic approach, the right IT capabilities are leveraged for today's and tomorrow's business success.

ChangeVision Partner: Independent Data strategist and IT Management Interventionist regarding People, Strategy, Delivery and Structure/Process.

BastaGroup Associate: Optimize business performance by digital transformation, to drive business Execution with Insight.

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